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Mold Studies and Medical Reports

We’ve attempted to centrally locate a number of studies and reports from the most respected universities, colleges and researchers across the world. We have not gone into depth in a number sub-genres, (including detailed pathogen / fungi characteristics documentation and indoor/outdoor air quality-related papers), however have provided a good cross-section of reference material for your use.

We have oriented them by year of release as opposed to topic.
1999 – Mayo Clinic – Fungus is directly linked to causing Sinusitis
2002 – Harvard – Adverse Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment
2002 – Yale Center for Perinatal, Pediatric and Environmental Epidemiology – Levels of Household Mold Associated with Respiratory Symptoms in the First Year of Life in a Cohort at Risk for Asthma
2003 – Cahers Neurosciences Research – Neurophysiological Effects of Chronic Indoor Environmental Toxic Mold Exposure on Children
2006 – Science Direct – Sick building syndrome and exposure to water-damaged buildings: Time series study, clinical trial and mechanisms
 2007 – Berkeley Lab, EPA – Large Public Health And Economic Impact of Dampness and Mold:
2007 – The journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunolgy – Children’s respiratory health and mold levels in New Orleans after Katrina
2007 – Project Muse – Adverse Health Outcomes after Hurricane Katrina among Children and Adolescents with Chronic Conditions
 2007 – U.S National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health – Inhalation Health Effects of Mold
2008 – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Dampness and Mold in Buildings
2009 – World Health Organization – Dampness and Mold Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality

2009 – Sage Journals – Neurologic and neuropsychiatric syndrome features of mold and mycotoxin exposure

2010 – EPA – Association of residential dampness and mold with respiratory tract infections and bronchitis

2010 – Annual Review of Public Health Louisiana – Mold Exposure and Health Effects following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

2011– Minnesota Department of Health – Mold and Moisture in Homes

2012 – IRP – Report on Dampness and Mold in European housing

 2012  – Alert from NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

2016 – IRP – Economic costs of certain health issues caused by exposure to indoor dampness and mold in the U.S.

2016 – U.S National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health – Is Mold Toxicity really a problem for our Patients – Non-respiratory Conditions – Part 2

End of List

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