Environmentally Friendly Products And Procedures

There is no room for error when performing mold remediation.

A simple mold removal project can become a health compromising situation if not dealt with properly.  The EPA in the United States has established standards and guidelines that outline specific protocols for removing mold, as has the IICRC here in Canada. These standards and guidelines are strictly followed by the mold remediation technicians at Maple Leaf Mold.

At Maple Leaf Mold we have chosen to use the soda blasting technique for mold removal. Using baking soda we blast the moldy areas with high pressure air and baking soda. We use baking soda because it is safe, non-toxic and great alternative to the harsh chemicals some companies use to remove mold. Don't be fooled by companies who promise that hand sanding and mold stain remover will do the trick…it won't. Neither will foggers…these are just shortcuts. Soda blasting is a speciality that many companies just can't do.

We also use botanical disinfectants and cleaners that effectively kill up to 99.99% of all germs and mold contamination using only food-grade plant extract. No label warnings or signal words, no synthetic ingredients and no rinse / wipe required. MSDS sheets available upon request.


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We can inspect your home / business for mold / asbestos usually within 3 hours or less.