Attic Mold Alert

Attic Mold Alert 

This morning we’d become aware of a mold remediation company in our industry that is completing work on mold contaminated attics incorrectly, ineffectively and not to proven IICRC standards.

Be careful of companies that, “remove”, mold in your attic with just chemicals / sanding / scrubbing

In order to remove mold properly from your attic it must be soda or dry ice blasted by professionals…that is the only method of correctly removing black mold according to IICRC / ANSI S520 standards. No amount of chemicals / brushing / sanding will kill all the mold in your attic…most of it will remain behind on your insulation, around the attic hatch or on the undersides of your attic, (no matter how pretty their before and after pictures look).

The way we look at it is, “Do things properly and you’ll never have a problem”. We’d be glad to tell you about how we complete our process of getting rid of mold in your attic…correctly.

When you hire us we’ll help you solve an attic mold problem properly and professionally.

Maple Leaf Mold Inc. is a certified  mold / asbestos removal and biological disinfection / air analysis company located in Toronto that uses certified IICRC technicians for all testing and remediation projects.

We are a professionally licensed firm experienced in testing, verifying  and removing Mold / Asbestos / Lead and other environmental contaminants as well as providing disinfection services to control and kill biological contaminants.

Call 416-254-7256 to talk with us about your issue anytime.


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