Symptoms of Mold in a House

What to look for when you think you have symptoms of mold in your house

During these cold winter months we are starting to see an increase in people indicating that they believe they have symptoms of mold in their house. The reason for this is simple; during these cold months we seal our homes against the cold and in doing so trap an un-diagnosed mold issue inside the home. Perhaps there was a leak that occurred in the ceiling below a 2nd floor washroom, a leak in the basement or an overflow from a bathtub that caused mold to begin to grow, winter is when these trapped spores really begin to cause problems.

Look for symptoms that can include;

  1. Eyes that may water more than usual
  2. Sneezing more than normal
  3. Your skin may become dry and /or scaly
  4. An itch throat, nose and eyes
  5. A persistent cough and sinus issues

Remember that an allergy to mold mimics other types of upper respiratory allergies however, if you have these types of symptoms you should see your doctor.

Here’s a good link to the Mayo Clinic’s webpage describing this in a little more detail.

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