Landlords are legally required to disclose any known hazards in the property

Landlords are legally required to disclose any known hazards in the property, including the presence of asbestos.

If your landlord failed to inform you about the asbestos, this could be considered a breach of duty, providing grounds for a lawsuit.


While the presence of asbestos might not be enough on its own, you can sue your landlord if they knowingly or negligently failed to disclose its existence and you suffered from asbestos exposure.

It is not unusual for an older rental property to contain asbestos fibers. In fact, many homes built between the 1930s and 1980s used asbestos for roofing, floor tiles, insulation, drywall, and patching. It wasn’t until 1990 that these uses were banned.

If you have developed health problems or are concerned about health risks relating to asbestos-containing materials in your rental unit you should first confirm the presence of asbestos, (…osed-to-asbestos/) you can discuss your legal options with an asbestos lawyer.

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