Indoor Air Quality and Gas Appliances

Indoor Air Quality and Gas Appliances

We deal with issues all the time related to poor indoor air quality so today I thought we’d explore indoor air quality and gas appliances as it’s been in the news lately. We also believe that the air we breath should be free of mold, asbestos or other chemicals that can impact you and your families health.



We always would like to believe that home is where we can relax, keep warm or cool throughout the year, breathe easy and cook our meals without safety concerns.

However, recent studies point to issues with gas stoves, water heaters, (both instant and tank), and gas furnaces. These appliances could be adding risks to your family’s health. Gas appliances have been linked to the following;



A recent study referenced by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment states that children with homes having these appliances are 42% more likely to develop asthma. However, the vast majority of Canadians are not aware of this information, they are not aware of the real problems associated with gas appliances.


Lung Health

When you operate a gas stove, gas furnace or gas water heater you are essentially burning a flammable gas in order to heat the air / water you are using in your home. When burning gas it releases a number of chemicals proven to be carcinogenic. Chemicals like benzene, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde are released during the combustion process and have been compared to being exposed to second-hand smoke. Significant and serious health issues including upper respiratory illnesses such as asthma and cancer. Exposure to these chemicals, even for a short period of time, can lead to ear, nose and throat irritation and coughing.


Gas Stove Hazards

While chemicals are being released into your home during cooking and other periods of use, gas stove continue to emit harmful chemicals even after they are turned off. For instance, nitrogen oxides can linger in your home for hours after use.

These chemicals can build up to levels that exceed Health Canada guidelines for indoor air quality


Gas Safety

In Canada we lose just about 300 people a year to carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion of natural gas furnaces.

Couple this with the above noted issues and one wonders why do we tolerate such risks around our family when so many other safe options are available.…omes-air-quality/


Through the use of heat pumps and modern electric stoves we can reduce our exposure. Regular ventilation, (opening a window when possible), can also be of help. Finally, insure you have working NO2 and CO alarms working, (remember to replace those batteries once a year too!), and have your gas appliances checked regularly.


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We are a professionally licensed firm experienced in testing, verifying  and removing Mold / Asbestos / Lead and other environmental contaminants as well as providing disinfection services to control and kill biological contaminants.

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