Why choose a IICRC certified company?

Does it matter if you have an IICRC certified company do the work?

Maple Leaf Mold Inc. is a IICRC certified company and unfortunately the majority of companies out there are not. So why does this matter?

It is important because when your company becomes an IICRC certified company, (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, http://www.iicrc.org/ ), you are saying to your customer that you are dealing with a professional organisation. An organisation that has gone through the education and hands-on training offered by the most reputable association of its nature throughout North America.

The IICRC publishs guidelines that is used by water damage and mold removal professionals across Canada and the U.S. These guidelines are called the S500 and S520 Standard and Reference Guides for Professional Mold Remediation. They are intended to provide information about the remediation of mold. It references contaminated structures, systems and contents to assist individuals and entities working in the mold remediation industry.

Knowledge and Experience – Key to finding the source of your mold issue

Finding the source of water damage and mold growth can be tricky. Water gets into walls creating trapped pockets of moisture. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with sophisticated moisture detection meters. Undetected moisture will continue to cause damage. This damage, at a minimum, will cause odors. Greater damage will surface when materials de-laminate, shrink, split and further deteriorate to where costly repairs are required.

More than just removing excess water, a IICRC certified company will have the knowledge and equipment to further dry a home or facility completely back to pre-loss conditions. Through timely response and the careful monitoring of water damage, mold and other health issues can be prevented. If water damage has been present too long, mold will occur.

All IICRC-certified professionals have the training and experience to identify moisture sources, evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected), contain damage, remove contamination and dry materials to ensure that mold will not return.

When you see a IICRC logo, you can be confident that an IICRC-certified experienced, qualified professional is caring for your valuable property. IICRC Certified Firms employ technicians who, after study, field experience and passing comprehensive exams, have received IICRC certifications in specific cleaning, restoration and inspection categories such as upholstery, wood flooring, stone and tile flooring, carpet cleaning, odor removal, mold remediation, water damage, fire damage restoration and more.

IICRC-Certified-CompanyIICRC Develops Standards For Restoration

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards for professionals. These IICRC standards take years to develop and requires the coordination of experts in the field.

The IICRC knows the mold and water damage field changes rapidly and so every five years the standards are reviewed and updated. New advancements in technology and science require that the standards must evolve to keep pace.

Here is a link to another internal blog page where we discuss further the importance of IICRC training and registration. https://mapleleafmold.ca/wp-admin/post.php?post=256&action


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