Climate Disruption and Mold

      Climate Disruption and mold…how can we adapt? Storm clouds are forming on the horizon that are troubling…the intensity and severity of storm systems are undergoing changes that have been directly linked to climate change. Storms will linger longer in areas and downpours will be more severe. Spring will be cooler and longer…

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ERMI tests…what are they?

ERMI Testing

ERMI Testing   ERMI tests…what are they? ERMI is a molecular based test that is being pushed by a select few labs, doctors and some allied health practitioners and water damage assessors as the latest and best method to quantify human exposure to mould. The test stands for the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index and although…

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Is mold in your attic?

Attic Mold

Is mold in your attic? Attic mold in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area is extremely common. Whenever anyone calls us and says they have a mold issue they would like me to come check out, in the back of my mind I am always thinking attic mold.  In fact, sometimes I will guess, “Where…

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